Top Wedding Planners & Decorators in Bangalore


Planning a wedding is a big responsibility as you have to maintain and execute everything with absolute directions. If you want to enjoy your day hassle free in India’s capital southern Karnataka state Bangalore, then don’t forget to choose us as your wedding planners in Bangalore. The majority of you will think that hiring a planning won’t be beneficial. But the core reality is that it benefits you in a number of ways; let’s show you how.

Firstly, being top wedding decorators in Bangalore; we arrange and list up all the things for you. Secondly, you save your money and time altogether. You don’t have to bargain for anything as these professionals have special links to the vendors for flowers, venues and caterers. As we are enough organized and know how to line up the things; we’ll set everything in place. We can arrange the things according to your budget. Last but not the least, we believe in giving attention to every petite detail.

So merely hiring a professional for all your wedding chores can be really useful.

All Rise Events is an award-winning top wedding organizers in Bangalore, who plan an incredible occasion for your local or destination wedding. All you just have to provide us a list of things which you want on your special day; the rest of the things just leave them with us. Our brilliant expertise is always ready to support you with hundreds of innovative ideas. Whether it comes to an intercultural wedding or a pop themed wedding; we can sort out everything for you.

Contact us today for more ideas and inspiration for your wedding day, if you are looking the best wedding planner or organizer in Bangalore, India. Request a call back on 09815209411.


Mr. Akshay(National Marketing Head), Dainik Bhaskar

We had a few roadshows in tri-city and All Rise Event Management took care of every last bit of detail. Everything went smoothly and we will definitely work with them again.

Mr. Akshay(National Marketing Head),
Dainik Bhaskar

Ms. Kamini Suri,HR Sapient.

Amazing team. The way they put up quality work at short notices is credible.

Ms. Kamini Suri, HR

Ms. Punita Sawhney(Marketing Head), Universal Music Group.

The tagline for All Rise Events should say, “We Deliver”, and By God, they do!

Ms. Punita Sawhney(Marketing Head),
Universal Music Group

Mr. Rishi Shrivastava– HR, Infosys

Our employees simply love the shows organised by them. They always provide us with artists of our choice in our budget and put up a splendid and entertaining show. Kudos to their team!

Mr. Rishi Shrivastava– HR,

Mr. Pawanesh Pajnu (National Head), Sony Music

All Rise is a dedicated team of professionals and no problem is big for them.

Mr. Pawanesh Pajnu (National Head),
Sony Music