A few years ago, when event management was a developing area, that time managing an event meant ensuring the speakers and the stage in place. It was just revolved around the venue and the visitors. When half a decade passed, a couple of people understand this trend, a phenomenon, industry and make it a profession. This time the industry redefines its definition.


Event DecorationToday, it has been expanded in almost every region, either you are planning a corporate meeting or a memorable wedding. Even in colleges, people have introduced this as a subject, which means there’s much more professionalism involved in it. Being in this industry, many professionals have been noticing a lot of changes in this field. Earlier people were not very critical, but now they are much more aware and want everything co-ordinated, right from the flowers at funerals to weddings. They spend money on everything, whether it is decoration, arrangement or meal preparation. They want each and every thing perfect.

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They know that a professional can take care of event powerfully, effectively and amazingly. Moreover, only a professional can include an interesting factor in the event that increase its thrilling experience. We can summarize it by this fact that it’s a study of “Earlier & Now Scenario.” By innovative concepts, now you can think out of the box  and make your event sensational, as it involve planning, conceptualising, presenting, rather, creating an event.


At last, All Rise Event Management Company is an open-platform that has made thousands of events successful and noteworthy.  Once All Rise steps in, you just sit back and enjoy the show.

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Mr. Akshay(National Marketing Head), Dainik Bhaskar

We had a few roadshows in tri-city and All Rise Event Management took care of every last bit of detail. Everything went smoothly and we will definitely work with them again.

Mr. Akshay(National Marketing Head),
Dainik Bhaskar

Ms. Kamini Suri,HR Sapient.

Amazing team. The way they put up quality work at short notices is credible.

Ms. Kamini Suri, HR

Ms. Punita Sawhney(Marketing Head), Universal Music Group.

The tagline for All Rise Events should say, “We Deliver”, and By God, they do!

Ms. Punita Sawhney(Marketing Head),
Universal Music Group

Mr. Rishi Shrivastava– HR, Infosys

Our employees simply love the shows organised by them. They always provide us with artists of our choice in our budget and put up a splendid and entertaining show. Kudos to their team!

Mr. Rishi Shrivastava– HR,

Mr. Pawanesh Pajnu (National Head), Sony Music

All Rise is a dedicated team of professionals and no problem is big for them.

Mr. Pawanesh Pajnu (National Head),
Sony Music